We all know how calm and grounded being in nature feels. How our worries suddenly seem to exist. How, there is this intrinsic feeling that tells us we belong here, surrounded by the vast seas, under the celestial starry sky, on the green, cool grass, in a field full of swaying flowers singing their own tune — we belong in nature.

Science has proven now that this isn’t just a feeling, it’s a fact. Nature has the potential to heal us.

But what about viewing nature and landscape photography? Do the images have the same therapeutic impact on us? Are photographic prints really powerful enough to imbue the same, healing, the same positive feelings? Can they really soothe the recovering, the sick and the tired? Let’s find out!

an eagle sitting on a tree

The Healing Benefits of Nature Photography

We know that nature heals — just a walk in a natural setting shows us that.  But do photographic prints of natural scenes help patients as well? Should interior designers use Evidence-based design and biophilic design in medical settings?

Turns out, yes. Science backs this up too!

According to a study conducted by researchers in the Netherlands, there is a strong link between viewing nature images and videos and reduced stress levels.

The participants were shown some urban and natural scenes. The results showed that those that viewed nature had lower stress levels than the ones that viewed urban images.

The Relaxing Effects of Viewing Nature and Landscape Photography

Another study shows that greenery is more relaxing to us and lowers our stress levels. The research suggests that the human brain associates the color green with better mood. This lowers the activity in the amygdala, the part of our brain that detects threats and induces the fight and flight response.

Nature in Healthcare Facilities

A well-known scientific study conducted by Ulrich showed that post-surgery patients in hospital rooms that had window views of the outside world recovered faster and needed less pain medication than those without them.

Viewing nature images has a similar effect. American Psychological Association found that patients in the ICU had reduced anxiety and needed less pain killers when they looked at nature images that showed trees and water.

Another study notes the impact of nature art in waiting rooms. When researchers asked patients about their outpatient environment, 84 percent of the participants showed a preference for nature scenes and wildlife.

Inspire Healing Through Healing Artwork Services

Surround yourself with nature and landscape photography to benefit from the therapeutic impact of nature. Healing with Imagery, a New England Photography Service, features a vast collection of stunning fine art photography and calming nature videos that can be installed in homes, healthcare facilities, hotels, workplaces, and more.

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