— Healing with Imagery —


A Moment of Stillness

Life thrives in chaos, in the rawness of untouched nature. Whatever is manmade, lacks the feeling of comfort, and perhaps that’s why our hearts gravitate toward nature, toward lands, marshes, forests, mountains, oceans that promise us something visceral, something magical, somethingcomplete.

The stretch of green by the wetland is enough to calm these nerves doused with panic, anxiety, stress, anger, and sadness. The fatigue in our bones, in our veins, in our soul vanishes, becomes air, becomes water, becomes a part of something grand. The merciless pain, the gnawing bitterness, the feeling of dissociation from everything — all of it melts away. One look at the vast marshland in front of you is all it takes to feel relaxed.

Feel the way your body relaxes, the way it softens; that heavyweight of life you’ve been dragging around suddenly drops and you feel lighter, made of cotton, made of stardust, made of energy.

And don’t forget the way the sun lightens up the landscape, the way it drenches everything in gold, you in gold, your heart in gold.

Put down that boulder, that stone, that feeling that drags you down and turn to nature. See for yourself the radiant energy that emits out of a scenic marshland, how the green soothes your eyes, how all of this foliage is there for you. The stillness of the water, the song of birds, the masquerading fireflies, the music of cicadas — in nature, you’ll find a home.

The Journey of Peace

The world lies here, snoozing, by the sea, the marsh, the sky. Amongst leagues of marsh grass that tower waist-high, with a sword-like façade, the protector of realms, the guard of hearts.

In the broad daylight, green and unflecked, some lighter, some darker, some wilder, stretching pleasantly over the flat land against the blue backdrop, the vast sky. The cotton clouds slowly humming away, lazy in their movement, sleepy in their state.

So what is it about this marsh, what is about this water, this land that seemingly stretches forever that suddenly frees the soul? Candid, simple, free — the marshes somehow make you submit yourself to the sky and the sea. This freedom that exists between both these entities, the stretch of land so expansive it takes our soul and cleanses it.

The landscape of life, how it embodies our feelings within itself. What is it except a large jar holding our hearts in its grasp, whispering into our ears that all, eventually, falls into place? So this wandering, this constant tumult of feelings wild and carefree, this ache that wants to be heard, all of it lies at rest around the arms of nature itself.

A respite from all that lurks within, a moment of peace, a reflection of our truest self, nature frolics around, constant and everlasting, comforting and serene. For when you’re lost within yourself and defeat is all you see, how about you head to nature, leave all this behind for a moment, and learn how to breathe in peace?

And if that’s too much to do each day, if life has you by the shackles, turn around and gaze at our landscape photographs that show marshes in all their splendor.