— Healing with Imagery —


The Peak of Consistency

Floral & Botanical Wall Art in Massachusetts

“With stars in her eyes and veils in her hair, with cyclamen and wild violets.” To the Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf.

For all our existence, flowers have dominated our hearts. The moments of ephemeral bliss when we’re in a field full of delicate petals, how we are swept away with magic, with hope, with the sheer beauty of nature.

Upon hospital beds and funerals, in the hands of lovers and as a medium for an apology, what is it that flowers can not speak to?

Why do they exist at all?

Perhaps, just to let us know that there’s tenderness in the world, a soft light that doesn’t overwhelm, and hope above it all. In their wilting, we find the strength to mourn and move on, in their bloom we sing and dance.

Flowers, everywhere: in tales where a little prince falls in love with a rose, in myths where Aphrodite’s tears of lost love spring up flowers, in wedding halls and funeral spaces, in new homes and decades-old journals, in poetry, in sadness, in love, in grief — flowers, everywhere.

Why are we attracted to floral landscapes? What springs this curious love affair?

Who knows?

But their impact, their memory, their silhouette lingers on, long after they’re gone.

Bright, lush tulip fields; a garden of crimson roses; a ground where sunflowers sing to the sun; the sheer intricacy of daisies; the violet magic of irises and fleur-de-lis; the sweet remembrance of forget-me-nots…

Zoomed in image of pink and red flower
Zoomed in image of yellow and orange flower

They move even the hardest of hearts, they become a picture of such brilliance, such mesmerization that poets take on the role of storytellers to show the saddest and deepest of emotions. Think Dante’s Woodspurge, Asking for Roses by Frost, Tulips by Plath. Lines upon lines depicting human emotions with flowers as a mirror. If this isn’t power, what is?

And let’s not forget the painters; how Monet went on capturing the beauty of Water Lilies, Van Gogh created surreal works of art around Sunflowers and Irises, Warhol’s contrasting flowers, and on, and on.

So, what is it about them that calms us down, that softens our senses, opens our hearts?

Oh, to lie down in a field of flowers! Oh to forget your everyday worries as they seep out and become air, become nothing.

A fresh bouquet to start your day, one waiting at the dining table, one at the office desk, something everywhere. Oh, how that’d just take our heavy days and give us something soft to think about. How in their fragility, in their two days of life, we find the motivation to keep going on.

Just like the ebb and flow of the ocean, flowers represent the inevitability of death, but before that, life budding at its brightest, life that’s full to the brim with possibilities! A mason jar full of water lilies, a rose garden where dreams grow.

Oh, to live life walking flowery meadows, to lie on fields blooming with hope, to feel eternity in our bones, even if for a moment, even if for a breath. Visit our gallery to witness works of art featuring flowers.