— Healing with Imagery —


The Language of Landscapes

Landscape Wall Art in Connecticut & Massachusetts

The landscape is fundamental to us, so integral that even the Bible itself opens up with a quintessential verse where the universe and the earth were created from a void. Void. Because nothingness is the opposite of life. So, there was light and life and grass and the seas right after nothing.

This shows us that even the world religions talk about landscapes and the fruit and life that erupts from them. Why? Because what we see, the portion of the earth, it’s more than just a physical entity. From rough, jagged peaks of distant mountains, deserts red and expansive, the deep seas thriving with life, to wide-open marshes and enchanting forests, there’s a language that only we can hear.

The feeling that we leave behind, the feeling of history that landscapes hold, the soft question that arises who was here before us? What were they like? Because no matter what we believe, we aren’t the only visitors of these lands.

So landscapes, vast and surmountable, are a flicker of history, are a moment of peace, are nature’s way of syncing and communicating with us.

Their importance can be seen in literature, how poetry is rich in landscape, how prose is built around it. Wordsworth famously said, “Scenery is what we see and what we half create.” It’s everything at once, an impression so lasting that we deem it beautiful.

Even in its raw and destructive state, we call it beautiful—The power of nature, how in anger it breaks all, how in tenderness it gives life and nourishes it.

Our feelings are a mirror in all we see in the natural landscapes surrounding us. A magnetic trance always pulls us toward it. In our heaviest of days and lightest of moments, it is nature and its visceral connection with us that we seek.

This dependence on nature brings forth humility and strengthens the belief in us that we’re all connected, linked, but something grander that we serve a purpose that brings this belonging.

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Snowy image of woods with red barn in the distance

A Stark Contrast

Our manmade world is black and white, its monochromatic nature dull and lifeless. Then comes landscape, a stark contrast to all that we’ve built. It screams in color, seeps in hues, dreams in saturation, and feels in its contrasting shades. It’s picturesque to its core, carrying feelings on its sleeves, and it’s not afraid of showing what it means to just be.

Through the beauty of nature, we understand the art of letting go, of feeling life to the fullest. In all its states, it thrives undefeated. Knock it down, and it finds a way to grow around it. It harbors life, it shelters, and it nourishes.

If we were to strengthen this bond we carry with landscapes, we’d learn to be humble and kind. The lessons it has to teach us are many; all we have to do is learn to connect with nature on a deeper level.

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