— Healing with Imagery —

Southwest Photographs

A World of Browns and Reds

America is full of diverse landscapes: from rainforests, mountain ranges, forests to basins, plateaus, deserts, and canyons, you’ll find everything here. A land full of such color, shapes, and textures, that getting lost in it doesn’t seem so scary because not a moment will pass by when you’ll feel alone.

A great distinction from the rest of the United States, the Southwest is dominated by a palette of invigorating hues of copper, umber, sienna, ochre, muted greens, and other warmer tones. The richness and depth of these colors immediately soothe our stressed bodies and embrace us in a cocoon of warmth.

Here, we find out that greens and blues, though cooler and calmer colors, aren’t all we need. In the midst of beauty, everything goes.

And desert landscapes, though devoid of greens, are still breathtaking.

Image of an arch at Arches National Park
Image of nature in the middle of the woods
Beautiful image of creek with water flowing in between mountain

A Palette of Red Earth Tones

Southwest contains an abundance of natural wonders that are a sight to see. The minute you gaze at their grandness, you’ll feel your body soften, your steps will be lighter, your face more radiant, and your insides will embrace peace and calm.

There’s something divine about natural landscapes here, something that stirs you to the core. Perhaps the names of these wonders carry enough enigma to lure you to them: Salvation Mountain, The Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, Delicate Arch, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Monument Valley, among others.

Don’t they trigger your curiosity and make you wonder why they’re called what they’re called?

Valley of Fire, like the name suggests, looks like it’s on fire with its crimson Aztec sandstones nestled carefully in and around tan mountains. A stunning sight, it becomes alive during the sunset as it burns into hues of sienna, umber, copper, red, and orange (not literally, of course).

Antelope Canyon, a real-life version of George O’Keeffe’s paintings, gets its name from stories of pronghorn antelopes that grazed around the canyon in winters years ago. It’s made up of layers and layers of orange and reddish sandstones that eroded away over the years as water made its way into fissures.

Delicate Arch gets its name because of how delicately it forms a chiseled donut-like arch. Eons ago this was sandstone that gradually went through erosion to become the marvel we cherish so much.

The Grand Canyon, on the other hand, is beyond words. It’s often described as mysterious, strange, and overpowering because it is. A moment there and you’ll feel a force so strong, you’ll know you aren’t alone after all. That all your worries are minuscule and will be sorted, that there’s hope for all of us.

So many landscapes to discover, so much wildlife to see — Southwest with its diversity and alluring natural spots will give you a break from everyday life like no place else. Here’s you’ll find beauty in the lack of greenery.

If you want that positive surge of energy and awe to stay with you wherever you are, you can browse through our collection of southwest photography and be mesmerized every day.