— Healing with Imagery —


The Calm That Persists

Nature and we have a bond that has existed ever since we have existed. The world has moved on since, and we’ve become busier and more engrossed in our lives. Running from one thing to the next, forgetting to nourish ourselves, ignoring our mental health, taking part in this rat race called life as if there’ll be a winner at the end of the line.

Of course, life grinds us down, we broke through the only real connection we ever had. To take out a moment in life to sit by nature, to see wildlife in its natural habitat, to let the peace wash over us — all of that has now become a privilege. Who has the time? Who has the energy? Who has the schedule for this?

But nothing human-made can ever tap into our minds and induce a deep calm that coos the deep unrest we carry in our bodies and soul, nothing other than nature itself.

The Beauty of Wildlife

In the midst of it comes wildlife. A part of nature and yet a separate entity. Animals stir in us the warmest of emotions, that’s why we go on and adopt dogs, cats, birds, turtles, and whatnot. Because they trigger the deepest parts of us and soften them. Ever felt your day’s stress melting away at the sight of your dog’s excitement to see you? Yes, that feeling of pure joy washing over us, the calm that takes over, the feeling of lightness. Animals are simply a bundle of joy and cuteness but they also play an active role in increasing our happiness and destressing us.

Watching wildlife is no different. Surrounded by nature, witnessing its residents go about their day lazily grazing, walking, flying, strutting! There’s so much wildlife out there, only if you head out. From the tiniest birds to observing whales and dolphins, you can observe a myriad of wildlife you’re interested in.

The result? You’ll feel the energy erupt in you! The incandescent joy will leave you feeling fulfilled and complete, and you’ll realize that no matter what you’re going through, there’s always a streak of light out there that never goes out.

Toward Better Health

So, if you want to get more active, healthier, and stronger, don’t just take a stroll in the neighborhood park; make an effort. And think about it, if there’s a natural remedy to get rid of the blues, shouldn’t you take it?

In a world full of schedules, tasks, and deteriorating mental health, remember to take a breath. Nature is proven to help, so go to it (or sprint at it, whatever floats your boat) when you can, and let it wash you over with positivity.

And to keep the high from disappearing, to keep the stress from sucking out the joy in your life, and to have something to calm you down the days you can’t head over to watch nature at its best, you can quietly become immersed in our wildlife photography.

Hang it in your living room or let it furnish your office wall, wherever you install our natural landscape and wildlife photographs, you’re sure to feel enriched and connected to yourself and nature.