— Healing with Imagery —

Scientific Abstract

The Beauty in Abstraction

In the grandness of abstraction, we find an otherwise unseen beauty. It peels off the outermost layers of what we see and strips objects of their shape and features. The result? A raw outlook of what lurks underneath with all its complexities. Of course not everyone can understand this finesse; it’s a language of mysteries that has to be observed, felt, and explored.

When you peel the outer layer of an object, when you remove all the veils we hide underneath, what is left? Our essence. Our core. The most visceral part that has been hiding in the shadows because we’ve always been too engrossed in how things look.

Within this realm of abstraction comes the concept of scientific abstract art. Finding beauty in that which we don’t ordinarily see. These photographs show us a world that’s completely different from the one visible to us, it reminds us how there’s an entire world of things we can’t observe because we’re limited in our capacities, that there is so much to be explored and seen, only if we look for it.

The Metamorphosis of Art

Scientific abstract deals with microscopic, telescopic, and light art. With microscopic art, you get to observe a tiny world that is only visible through a microscope. There’s beauty in nature and not just observable beauty, but magnificence at the cellular level. What appears to be a mere object on the surface, has a world of shapes and colors inside it that we wouldn’t have ever been able to witness if it was not for science.

Similarly, the wonders that exist outside of this realm can only be observed through telescopes. Unhabituated heavens, the world of stars, galaxies, nebulas, going on in a slumber, without a stir. To be able to see all of it, without traveling an inch, is a wonder. Observing how spectacular a solar eclipse looks, see the magic of the night sky, how stars align, and the colors Milky Way is made of.

And in the realm of light abstract art, you get a chance to discover light in different wavelengths. A world that’s one-of-a-kind, drenched in light and color, a spectacular metamorphosis of art.

For when you want to enrich your life with art that speaks to your soul, art that stirs something deep inside, you can always go for scientific abstract.

Life has a way of overwhelming the best of us, and at some point, we have to seek things that rejuvenate and replenish us, rather than give in to our everyday negative experiences and emotions.

Nature has been proven to help with stress, however, we can’t be around nature all the time due to the way our work-centered modern lives. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t reap the benefits of all that nature (seen and unseen) has to provide us with.

Hang our collection of landscape and abstract photography in your space and see how it invigorates you. Connect yourself with your core and strengthen the bond between nature and yourself with our diverse range of nature art.