— Healing with Imagery —

Trees, and Woodland

The Growing Tranquility

Tree & Woodland Wall Art in Massachusetts

Woodlands are sanctuaries, not just for the life that thrives with them, but for us too. In silence, the sound of their existence is louder than any voice can ever be, and listening to it spurs in us a love for resilience and growth.

Through storms and tremors, they stand tall. Through the sun and rain, they stand their ground.

What is it, if not a persisting belief that we’re capable of withstanding everything life throws at us? And unlike mountains, trees bend, trees break, and trees change and grow—life at its finest, life at its peak.

Woodlands show us hospitality; they are welcoming and warm, they whisper to us, “here, this is home. Stay for however long you like.”

And we can.

Beautiful image of fall trees in the woods with someone hiking
Image of nature in the middle of the woods
Beautiful image of tree with pink leaves
Image taken underneath a tree with white leaves

The Innate Sense of Belonging

If life is becoming a little too much to bear, there’s something inside us that seeks the calmness, the tranquility, the quietness of nature. To be lost in a forest, to sing along birds, to feel the anxiety, frustration, hopelessness melt away, how cliché yet how powerful.

What brings forth this deep connection, this want to be near the woods? What makes us write poetry under the huge canopies, and what makes us want to pack our bags and run to the nearest woodland that’ll have us? Why do we make cabins in the middle of nowhere, build tree houses for our children?

Perhaps, we remember in our very bones how once this was home. Humans thrived, lived, laughed, and loved in the secrecy, in the warmth, in the cocoon of woodlands. It gave us food, shelter, happiness and asked for nothing in return—unconditional love to its core.

So, is it a surprise we run toward the harbingers of peace every time life hits us with a blow? That moment in the stillness of the woodland, surrounded by trees that hover over us like a safety net, feels like a peaceful eternity.

Our lost rural world, our escape, our safe space — that’s what woodlands are and have always been. The soothing feeling they emit, the yellow glow that they take, perhaps that’s why we can’t stop painting them, can’t stop wanting them, because we’ve left our hearts there somewhere along the journey.

To Home, Wherever That Is

So, pick it up, pack your bags and traverse the land where everyone is welcome. See how your worries become so minuscule the moment you set foot in the woodland that they cease to be, at least for a moment. The clarity you experience, peace, the growing hope that eventually, it’s going to be alright.

They are tall and mighty, absorbing our stresses and giving off light that enlightens our core.

Our roots are entwined with theirs, even if we’ve become separate, even if we’ve lost the path that led us home. Even today, something lives and remembers that home is not a place we build and live in for the rest of our lives. Home is where the heart is.

So, turn this connection deep by visiting woodland and letting it do the healing. Or, take it with you wherever you are in the form of our woodland photography that’ll touch the deepest crevices of your heart.