— Healing with Imagery —


The Journey of Hope

A journey that seems to go forever, a sailor stuck in his ship for months — his home — steering away with nothing surrounding him but water and water as far as the eye can see. A horizon that’s made of starry nights and a shining sun, salty water, and the smell of fish. For days, for months that seem like a lifetime.

How long can one live off on a thin strand of hope? Does the shore ever appear? He will question at some point, he will be sunk in despair, but hope, he must have.

And then something stirs his eyes and hope, the size of the planet, bubbles in his heart as he sees light shimmer off the water. So, this is what it means to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are the sailor, and life is the unending sea, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.

Humans have always searched for meaning, always tried to find this beacon of light that’ll show them that there’s nothing to be hopeless about. And this is what a lighthouse symbolizes. We are a sailor on our own journey, and we’re lost at times, floating aimlessly, exhausted, hopeless.

But always in search of hope.

Some days we don’t know what to believe in, other days we know there must be more to this.

The Strength We Carry

Lighthouses aren’t just beacons of light either, they’re made to stand the strength of the ocean and its turbulence. A lesson we learn from them as well. They make us think about our own resilience and strength. How strong are we, in this ocean of life? Can we make this last? In hazardous situations, on dangerous coastlines, lighthouses stand with a mightiness that’s admirable. Are you the lighthouse of your life? Or is it someone else?

Whatever it is, sometimes life’s tumultuous nature makes us stop in our tracks. Sometimes we find it difficult to push through. Our feelings entrap us and make us believe this is it. That we’re not getting out of this labyrinth. But that’s not true.

That’s when you need to gaze at a lighthouse, or a picture of a lighthouse, and remind yourself that none of this will last. Though you may be a tired sailor aimlessly wandering through the sea of life, there’s hope for you. The sea, like everything else, isn’t infinite.

And when you reach the shore, you’ll look back on your journey and remember how you got through it.

For lighthouses aren’t merely to guide you, they’re to show you that you’re strong enough to do this.

However, going and visiting a lighthouse isn’t always possible. Not all of us live by the shore. Should that prevent you from having a close look at it? Absolutely not! You can always browse through our lighthouse photography and hang it somewhere your gaze will fall on it every day. A little reminder goes a long, long way.

Because sometimes, all we need is a beacon of hope, a reminder of strength, and a symbol of resilience.