— Healing with Imagery —


The Peak of Consistency

Mountain Wall Art in Connecticut & Massachusetts

Tall and mighty, the solid rocks making up this unsurmountable mass of nature that neither moves nor shakes, always constant, always reliable, always there. Life’s uphill battle is signified by peaks, how we reach the top, only to climb down again — a circle that goes on and on. The walk uphill is never easy, even for the most seasoned climbers, yet perseverance, patience, and resilience get us through.

Mountains, nature’s egotistical child, have been a source of contradiction throughout history. For some, these vast, god-like structures as a symbol of stoicism, of enduring, of unwavering strength and beliefs. For others, these solitary citadels of nature represent unshakable selfishness, ego, and refusal to change, mold, and bend.

However, whatever they represent, we can’t shake off the feeling of strength and persistence they emit. How, around these mighty beings, we see life in technicolor rather than absolutes. How we know there is more to the goal than just smoothly getting there. How much we learn from the climb, how we falter, how we pick up ourselves, and how we sacrifice that which doesn’t serve us.

Beautiful image of land below a cloudy sky
Image of land with hills with sunny sky

This Fall Doesn’t Break Us

One look at this mighty spectacle, and we fall to our knees in sheer awe! Constant and unwavering and yet down to earth. The number of things we can learn from these pinnacles of hope. Throughout time, humans have associated divination with mountains, the route to spiritual elevation, the nearness to God, in their reach toward the heavens, a state of permanence.

Through hardships, through struggle, we observe that transcendence is inevitable. In nature, in its resilence, in its warmth, in its untiring and determined approach toward life, we find strength too. So what if the road we’re on is paved with difficulties? So what if, after this peak, we go through a drop? What would life be if it was always high?

Humbleness in having everything–that’s what the mountains whisper to us as we let our gaze wander over them. And why shouldn’t we be humble in our everyday life? Why shouldn’t we believe this falling isn’t something that’ll make us stronger where we’re broken? Why shouldn’t we see how in every aspect of nature, there’s a learning curve for us? Whether it’s in the mightiness of the mountains, the depth of the seas, or the thriving life in the marshes and forests, we see everything we are capable of.

And oh, the way these spectacles of nature emit a radiance, a serenity that speaks to us in a language we can’t decipher. But we know it’s there, and we know it’s speaking right to the wounded soul we carry. That we’ll be alright, that we’ll make it on our own in this labyrinth, that there’s still hope for us, as long as we’re breathing, as long as we’re believing, as long as we’re seeing.

From mountainsides to us, a constant hope that lingers and the persisting knowledge that if this is a stage, and if we are all actors, then we are capable of writing our own stories and endings.