— Healing with Imagery —


From Stones to Grand Monuments

Our connection with nature goes back to our ancestors. Perhaps, we’ve always wanted a place that’s ours, something that stays after we’re long gone. From this want sprung planned cities and homes, water and drainage systems, and grand monuments.

History speaks for itself: the great pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, the majestic Taj Mahal, the colosseum, Machu Pichu, the great wall of china, etc. These architectural marvels were made back when we had no technology, and they have survived the test of time.

Was nature not a safe space that we turned toward building shelters? Of course not. We wanted more, we always have. Humans are driven by the hope of the future, and that led to our need to construct.

We didn’t simply go for small spaces that’ll shelter us. We wanted more, we wanted our architecture to be a symbol of our power and our influence. This is art too, a blueprint we leave behind for generations to see.

And it didn’t stop, and why should it?

Now we build giant skyscrapers that seem to scream of our power. Think of the world’s tallest building, Burj-al-Khalifa in Dubai, standing at 828 meters, twice the height of the Empire State Building.

Is this not art? And is it not phenomenal?

Building Wonders through Time

To stare at what we have accomplished. As a species, we started from nothing. All we had were tools made out of stones and look at us now, building architectures that tower over us and speak of our dominion above all.

It shows our growth is possible, even if it sometimes takes time. That if we set out mind to something, there’s nothing that can stop us. Hope, above all us, in the face of defeat and uncertainty.

Would we have gotten here had we given up on the first try? Would we have become the masters of the world? Probably not. It takes an incredible amount of failing to actually get something right.

And architecture is living proof of that.

Art in the Form of Architecture

Just because it’s not natural, doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful. Think of The Guggenheim, Hagia Sophia, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The White House, Osaka Castle, Marina Bay Sands, and tell us it doesn’t take your breath away.

Because art isn’t just painting and sculpting, it isn’t just music and literature, it’s architecture in all its brilliance and mastery.

And it’s no small feat either. There’s so much precision involved, so many calculations used, to ensure what we create doesn’t simply fall apart.

The result is enough to teach us that nothing is formidable, it’s just in our head. Architecture inspires us, it shows us how we have everything we need within us. All we had to do is believe in ourselves, and trust that we’ll get there, eventually. Whatever you’re going through, remember that everything is surmountable. Everything possible. But, you must believe.

Remind yourself of how much you’re capable of by hanging one of our architectural photography in your haven and let it bring hope, joy, and possibilities to your life.