— Healing with Imagery —

Lakes and Rivers

Lakes & Rivers Wall Art in New England

Still waters as the day goes on serenely, their set decorated by giant foliage, green canopies, the songs of birds, and the soft sigh of life. Life breaks us down with a bang, it fights us until we throw down our arms, it steers us forcefully into directions we refuse to go in. If anything, life is more of a push than a story written down by us.

But, there’s hope as we break down its hold on us. As we seek still waters surrounded by the color that relaxes our sore muscles, that silences the loud voice of panic in our minds. A moment of peace that stretches so long it starts breathing within us.

How humans built a life around rivers centuries ago, how the water nourished us, how the greenery gave us food, shelter, comfort, and peace.

Centuries since, we’re still drawn to this spectacle, our hearts still sing upon the heavenly sight. Perhaps something still lives here, a connection so visceral and strong that it was passed down to us.

For when we’re overwhelmed, where does the voice within us ask us to seek refuge? For when we want to let hope and serenity wash over us, what place comes to mind? Where does the pit of our existence ache to be?

Lakes and rivers, and the way they knock sense into us, how they flow in us this feeling that everything is surmountable. Hope, sheer hope, hope the color of gold, hope that tricks our spirit into believing.

Beautiful image of creek with water flowing in between mountain
Image of water flowing into a river from cliff

The Song of Still Water

Snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, waterfalls that echo into the wildness, the riverbed that follows a path greeted by trees — whatever surrounds this still water becomes music, becomes life, becomes enough.

For the restlessness inside you, the doubt that springs up, the heaviness you carry the weight of which exhausts your bones, the urban life with its nails and claws screaming “This is important! And this is important! And this!” there’s only one antidote.

Listen to the song of still water and stop. There’s no rush. Stop and feel that feeling that washes over you as soon as your eyes gaze at what they’ve been aching to see, as soon as your heart feels the connection that has been broken, as soon as the stillness hits you and drops you to your knees.

Where the Heart Resides

How we pass life seeking something to complete us, wondering what could fill this void. And then one glance, one look, one-stop around nature, and everything melts away. The void is filled and the hope springs.

Lakes and rivers, seas and oceans, forests and mountains, all are on the same side of the coin. So that want for quiet, the need for stillness, the voice that says “rest,” all it needs is a place to re-energize, a place to quench the thirst.

When you feel like you’re wandering aimlessly when you feel this need for connection, when life drags you down, seek the stillness of rivers and lakes. Take shelter in their midst and strengthen the connection with nature that’s deep inside of you.

And if you can’t do this every day, then in our landscape photography you’ll find what you have been seeking for so long—a moment of hope. A sigh of relief.