— Healing with Imagery —


Seeking Beauty in the Mundane

Abstract Wall Art in Massachusetts & Connecticut

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle.

There’s beauty in the mundane, magic in nooks we never bother to search, and art in distortion. Abstraction has been a subject of debate for decades; those that do not understand its depth, claim it to be hollow. Those that see beyond what is visible, feel the intensity buried underneath.

Think of how Picasso’s art evolved over the years. From realism to cubism (which is, in essence, geometric abstraction). The more in-tune he got with his own core, the more he understood his own feelings, the more he bent toward distorted images.

What is it that lures us toward that which has no definite sense? As humans, we seek symmetry and we gravitate toward that which makes sense; we want to look at art and photographs that have a sense of balance. Then what is it about abstraction that washes over us with a myriad of unexplainable feelings?

We don’t know for sure, and does it matter?

Abstract photo of an ocean
Abstract photo of waves crashing into ocean

The Mystery of Abstraction

The mystery abstraction holds is alluring, the magnetism it holds is captivating, and the radiance it emits is nothing short of extraordinary. A random photograph of a passing train, a close-up of a spinning globe, a flower spotted growing in the midst of nowhere. Art, in the ordinary. Art, in the day-to-day life. Art, everywhere, and nowhere at all.

It’s here where we break barriers, where we say no to rules. It’s a small revolution that has stirred our hearts, a way of depicting art that says, “It doesn’t have to make sense to be beautiful.” Isn’t that something very humane too?

It’s just like contemporary poetry where poets refused to follow a pattern because words don’t need to rhyme or be limited in order to stir us. It’s just like a revolution against monarchies and tyrants, against labels and stigmas that bind us, against anything that says “you shouldn’t” for no good reason.

A Language to Feel

Abstract art, whether it’s a photograph or a painting, speaks to us in the deepest language we can ever decipher. Its aesthetics are insurmountable, as it focuses on colors and shapes to tell a story. It’s a break from the physical world, a way for us to conceive that which exists out of reality. Isn’t that magic, after all?

So, if you want to transform your space, whether it’s a wall in your office or a nook in your home, browse through our abstract photographs and give your surrounding a feeling of something phenomenal that brings a spark to the ordinary.

Some days, we need a little extra hope, something that captivates our hearts and makes us forget our worries for a minute, an hour, or a day. That’s what abstract photography does: finds magic in the mundane, shows you how ordinary objects have extraordinary essences, taps into your mind, and makes you think of the beauty everything around us is encompassed of.

For without art, our world becomes drenched in blandness. So through this medium, explore a world full of asymmetry and misalignment and feel its power in your core.