2021 was all about spending time indoors and finding a way to pass the time. This is when most of the people on the internet resorted to baking banana bread, doing nature photography, and picking up their paintbrushes again to make the most of their walled-in experiences.

Hobbies are usually sanity savers that keep us busy and involved even when times are difficult. Many hobbyists know that they’re making their crafts to let their pent-up emotions out, but what if we tell you that you could turn this into something serious like a small business?

Here are the top hobbies that can help you earn money in 2022.

Cooking a Wholesome Home-Made Meal

Making food is a true art form that deserves to be crafted to perfection. If you have a passion for cooking and baking, why not turn it into a business and give other people a chance to experience your secret family recipes?

The best part about basic everyday activities is that they can be turned into something lucrative. You can start a food blog, take to the road with a food truck business, or start a YouTube channel to give people nifty cooking tips!

Gardening and Landscaping

Indoor gardening saw a spike in popularity after people started spending most of their time at home. Gardening doesn’t only keep you happy and healthy, but many plant collectors are willing to pay top dollar for a variegated variety of a plant.

If you have a green thumb, you can start propagating those succulent pups and Monsteras and start a small business online. You can even provide gardening and landscaping services in your local neighborhood because of your experience and botanical knowledge!

Photography Services

A brown owl perched on a branch.

Do you have a penchant for taking pictures of random things and turning them into something absolutely gasp-worthy? Then why not turn your photography hobby into a profitable side hustle!

Freelance photography is very in right now; you can cover local gigs and events and make a lot of money. If you want, you can sell your one-of-a-kind photographs, put them up on Instagram, and monetize them to gain your recognition.

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Our awe-inspiring portraits are often found in hospitals, corporate buildings, public spaces, and many private homes to give people a chance to stop in their tracks and reflect.

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