Makeovers are one of the most exciting parts of life—sprucing something up and enhancing its beauty to give a fresh look feels amazing. If you’re looking for ideas to redecorate your living room, it’s understandable to get overwhelmed by the number of styles and decoration schemes that are out there.

Here’s your complete renovation inspiration:

Mix eras

When looking for ideas to remodel your living room, you can achieve unique and beautiful looks if you stay away from having a one-track mind. Create a timeless and inviting space by balancing vintage items, antique pieces, and contemporary designs together for a comprehensive look.

You can go with a single piece of furniture that you want to be part of the room as the starting point and build around it with pops of pattern and color.

Use a rug to tie things together

Living room rugs can add character to the decoration scheme by including pattern and color. A well-chosen rug can bring warmth, texture, and personality to a living room in a transformational manner. It all depends on your tastes, from subtle designs to bold statement pieces that set the tone for the room.

A dramatically patterned or colored rug would best complement softer tones around the rest of the room, while a neutral rug will work better with bold patterns and colors. Good rugs are an investment, so make sure that it’s something that you’ll still like the look of in ten years.

Put up some artwork

We tend to choose art ideas for our living room at the end of the process, but you can use your favorite painting or photograph as a starting point instead! If you already have something picked or a piece of art you love, use it to create a wider scheme for the rest of the room. Art is very personal, but if a piece speaks to you, it’s a great way to set the theme for your living room since it can say a lot about your color preferences and general style.

Put up some complimentary upholstery to let the rest of the little details flow more smoothly and create a beautiful and cohesive scheme for your living room. Good art that speaks to you can bring a healing quality to the room.

A living room with fine art photography in CT

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