Photography is a form of art that covers and includes many niches that are difficult to separate and dissect from one another. Many areas of photography overlap and intertwine, making the lines in between them blurry, including nature and landscape photography.

If you’re wondering what exactly separates them from one another, keep reading.

What Is Nature Photography?

Nature photography constitutes a wide range of photography that’s mostly captured outdoors. The subjects of nature photography are varied and many — from a field full of flowers to meadows, mountains, wildlife, and breathtaking black and white landscapes.

The unending subjects for nature photography and the calmness it emits make it a favorite among photographers and the viewers.

What is Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography, on the other hand, captures our planet in all its grandness and unlimited variety. The subjects of landscape photography include natural landscapes, manmade structures, and any sort of alteration to the biosphere.

It’s such a rich, deep niche of photography that photographers use wide-range lenses to really capture as much of the scenery as they can. There’s no limit to creativity here.

a tree surrounded by water and mountains

Nature vs. Landscape Photography: The Difference

So, what exactly makes nature and landscape photography different from one another?

Landscape Photography is a Subset of Nature Photography

Nature photography is an entire niche. Landscape photography is simply a subset of it. So, capturing flowers, flowing water, and snow-capped mountain peaks all belong to nature photography. While a wide shot of a forest, a mountain range, capturing the sea along the horizon are examples of landscape photographs.

The Difference in Camera Angles

Landscape photography uses a wide-angle lens for shots of rivers, seas, cityscapes, skylines, forests, and more.

However, nature photographs focus on in-focus and sequential shots that capture close-ups of nature and landscape.

Difference in Purpose

Most of the time, nature photography is used for documentaries or science. Landscape scenes, on the other hand, can be used for promotional materials, as art, and recreationally to create relaxing and peaceful environments in homes, hospitals, workplaces, and other areas.

Nature and Landscape Photography for Healing

We’re all connected to nature. However, juggling life, dealing with daily stressors, and trying to make things work, often leaves us with little to no time to seek out nature.

This leads to a disconnect that impacts us mentally and physically. As humans, we need to refresh and unwind as well, to put down all that we carry for a while.

This is where nature and calming landscape photography comes in. It eliminates the need to be in nature while bringing the goodness and positive feelings of nature to us.

Install Nature and Landscape Photography Today

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