Hospitals are spaces where we go to heal and recover; however, they often don’t feel like it. Creating a healing environment, one that can reduce stress and promote the feelings of serenity, calm, and positivity, can have a therapeutic impact on patients and the staff.

Focusing on the biophilic design, we bring the natural world into the hospital through images of plants, oceans, forests, gardens, marshes, mountains, and more. According to recent studies, biographic design alleviates the stress that a patient is under and contributes to healing, speedy recovery, and decreased use of analgesics.

Here are multiple ways to reduce stress in hospitals to create a healing space.

Incorporate Nature in Your Hospital

Studies show that even spending as little as three to five minutes in or around nature can significantly reduce stressors and negative feelings like anger or fear while boosting pleasant emotions.

Use this to your advantage. Install windows in all rooms that bring in natural light and a view of the outdoor space and hang nature and landscape photography for hospitals on walls.

dewy grass and the sun

Indoor Greenery to Promote Mental Well-Being

You should also consider incorporating greenery in hospital rooms, corridors, and even the cafeteria. Plants are visually appealing and have positive effects on our health. Indoor plants can decrease tension, anxiety, depression, fear, and anger to a significant degree. All you need is one plant in every room to lift up your patients’ spirits.

Adjustable Room Elements for Added Comfort

Make your patients and their loved ones feel welcomed and valued by offering personalized comfort to them. You can install dimmable lights, adjustable furniture, smart temperature control, and comfortable seats.

Reduce Noise Levels in the Hospital

Hospitals are all about healing, and loud noise levels go against that. Loud noises can increase stress, heart rate, and high blood pressure and cause a decline in mental well-being. So, ensure a quiet, relaxing space for the occupants by installing a water fountain, soundproofing the space, and more.

Choose a Calming Color Palette for the Walls

Colors have a massive impact on your mental health and can trigger emotions. Red, for example, goes against calm while yellow reenergizes us. However, because hospitals are supposed to be calm spaces, you should opt for cool colors like blues, lilacs, and greens and natural tones like gray, beige, ivory, and taupe.

The right color scheme will soothe the mind and body of everyone in the hospital and provide stress relief.

Photography Services for Healthcare by Ann Dahlgren & Douglas Foulke

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