The importance of getting back to nature has never been as critical as it is now that we’re living in an urbanized society.

There’s a call within us to seek out nature scenes because we’ve all felt that peace, awe, and wonder that nature provides us with.

That is why exploring mindfulness in this chaotic world is much needed, and where else to practice it if not in nature itself?

Fostering mindfulness helps us feel connected to mother earth, makes us realize the importance and beauty of nature, and brings our attention back to the natural world.

So, how do we learn to look deeply into nature and where do we begin?

Go to a Natural Environment that You Feel Connected to

Take a journey to any natural place that moves you. It could be a walk in the deep woods, a sunset by the sea, or a hike—whatever makes you feel a part of nature!

Rest in Nature for a While

If the weather is great, find a place to stay and rest for a while in nature. Take a moment to feel the earth beneath you and explore that connection, that grounding feeling nature provides us with.

 a flower bud

Explore Nature through Your Senses

Now, notice the world around you through your senses. Be open and curious! Let your eyes see the beauty of your surroundings, let your ears hear the sound of nature, let your nose smell the earth, pines, sea, and rain, and let touch observe the textures. Savor the world for a few minutes without any distraction, and notice the stillness.

Feel the Energy That’s Present

Now, sense the energies that are surrounding you. See if you can feel their reflection within yourself. There is no past or future, no good or bad, just the now. Notice the energy of movement, stillness, heat and cold, of growth and healing, of rest and repair. Open your heart to them and let them fill your soul; with care, love, patience, and tenderness.

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