There’s plenty of research done on the impact of our surroundings on our stress levels and bodies. What we see, hear, and experience at any given moment affects our mood, including the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems.

Unpleasant environments can increase our anxiousness and other negative emotions, which in turn elevates our heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension while suppressing the immune system. A pleasant environment has the opposite effect.

But, regardless of where we’re from, humans find nature to be relaxing and peaceful, a perfect place to de-stress in. That’s why we seek nature whenever we feel overwhelmed by life.

Nature Heals Us

Being in nature or simply viewing nature through calming landscape photography or paintings can reduce stress, anger, anxiety, and fear. It not only makes us feel better and healthier emotionally, but also contributes to physical wellbeing by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and stress hormones.

Research shows us that even a window, a potted plant, or nature and landscape photography can have a significant impact on anxiety and stress.

a woman walking in a forest Nature Soothes Us

Nature Soothes Us

Apart from healing, nature also has soothing properties. It helps us cope with emotional and physical pain. Focusing on nature elements can distract us from our discomfort and increase our pain tolerance.

A study done by Robert Ulrich found out that post-surgery patients who had a view of trees, tolerated and managed pain better and recovered faster compared to those who did not. This is why nature art for healthcare environments is so crucial.

Nature Restores Us

Living an urban life comes at a significant cost to our mental and physical wellbeing. This is why we need to take breaks in nature to refill our drained energies, replenish our souls, and find our inner calm and balance once again.

Scenes of nature are associated with vitality, positive mood, hope, and psychological wellbeing. They also improve our focus and ground us in the present moment.

Nature Improves Our Social Life

Studies conducted by Kuo and Coley show us that the time we spend in nature fosters our connection with each other and the world. People who live around nature tend to have a better bonding with their neighbors, have stronger unity, and are more concerned compared to those that don’t. Lower risk of violence, street crime, and aggression is also associated with being around nature.

Viewing nature scenes lights up the parts of our brain that are associated with love and empathy, fostering in us a connection with our environment and the people around us.

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