Hotel guests love places that are comfortable and luxurious. Travelers prefer rooms that provide them with a sense of belonging, comfort, and elegance — all the things your hotel rooms should be about.

After all, you need to be a host that can provide your guests with a space they can unwind in, a home away from home.

So, start thinking about improving the look of your hotel rooms by following these tips:

Let Go of Patterned Linens

Patterned linens have served their time. Now, they’re tacky, flat, and boring. Something you really don’t want in your hotel room.

Instead, focus on providing quality. Remember, when guests are opting for rooms online, bed linens are the first thing they notice. Install new, high-quality duvet covers and curtains. White is the color to go for as it brightens the interior, and gives your room a fancy, new look.

tall trees with orange leaves in a woodland

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

Say goodbye to old wallpapers, yellow walls, and contrasting shades. Hotel rooms now need to be calming and serene, and that comes from choosing a neutral color palette like soft pastels, whites, off-whites, and grays.

Light Up Your Hotel Room

Give your guests a variety of choices when it comes to lighting. Install a combination of modern lamps and overhead lighting to amplify your space and turn it super cozy.To keep street light and daylight out, install layered curtains so guests have better control over the lighting in the room.

Install Comfy Seating

Guests need to relax in their hotel rooms. This means the room you provide them with should be modern, comfy, and cozy. Make sure the seating options you have in the room are comfy enough to enjoy and aesthetic enough to attract.

Incorporate Nature

Nature is the last element that will pull the look of your room together. Install small indoor plants in the rooms to give them a fresh green look and to encourage a feeling of well-being. You should also hang nature art for hotels on the walls to inspire connection and to make travellers feel refreshed and welcomed.


Install Nature Art for Hotels

Make your guests feel refreshed and connected by installing landscape portraits for hotels by Ann Dahlgren and Douglas Foulke. We’re a New England photography service that features a collection of fine art prints that showcase serene and calming landscape photography.

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