Hotel guests look at many minor details before booking a room for themselves. When browsing online, travelers seek rooms that suggest a good value for their money and offer modern utilities. The little luxuries and additional comfort that come with a hotel stay are an important aspect of choosing a place to rest and recuperate from their travels. A better-looking hotel room will organically lead to more click-outs on the hotel’s profile, resulting in more bookings.

Here’s how you can tackle your accommodations to make them more interesting without having to undergo massive renovations:

Change the sheets

Many independent and chain hotels suffer from patterned, tacky linens that make the whole bed look synthetic and flat. Guests want a high-quality room that looks and feels like it’s worth their money. One of the first things that a traveler would see is the bed linens, making them an essential point of décor in your room.

Update your linens by swapping out old patterned blankets for solid-colored, new ones. Go for neutral tones or the classic white, plushy duvets to keep things on the safe side. It’s easy to clean and instantly brightens a room up to make it feel more spacious.

Invest in modern chairs

Most hotels have a classic concept that they follow when furnishing a room, and yours likely has a chair in each room. If the chair matches with the carpet or is covered in vinyl, it’s no longer a point of interest.

Guests aim to relax in their hotel, and with leisure and business travel slowly combining into one category. They also often attempt to work and wind down at the same time. Give them a modern and comfortable chair with natural fibers and mixed textures for a more contemporary look.

Add unique features

How often have you come across a fireplace in a hotel bedroom? Nothing says classy and cozy better than warm, flickering flames at the end of the bed do. You don’t even need to install a classic fireplace with real fire, which could be dangerous in a hotel setting. Invest in an electric fireplace to mimic wood or coal burning without any of the hazards in your executive rooms.

: A hotel bedroom with a fireplace

Get nature art for hotels

Putting up landscape photography in strategic places around your hotel rooms or lobby can greatly impact your guests. Art has a great way of instantly sprucing a space up and adding class, beauty, and personality. People want hotels to function as a home away from home where they can feel comfortable, and cold, impersonable walls will achieve the opposite.

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