Happy employees make for a successful company—they’re more creative, productive, and motivated to go the extra mile because they want to. Happy workers are around 48.4% more likely to stick with a company, reducing the costs of employee turnover. Unhappy staff members cost $300 billion per year to U.S. businesses by taking days off, sick time, and making mistakes on the job.

Here’s are some changes that you can make to create a more harmonious workplace:

Let the natural light shine

Natural lighting looks infinitely better than fake electrical lights. There’s also a strong connection between employees’ energy, quality of sleep, and the amount of natural lighting in a workplace. According to neurology researchers, people working in offices with windows get around 173% more white light during their work hours and sleep an average of 46 more minutes every night. Therefore, workers are better rested and in an improved state of mind when coming into work.

Create a comfortable and clean space

It’s an understood fact that pleasant, comfortable, and attractive places make you feel better, especially when you have to spend extended periods of your time in such spaces. Clear away any broken equipment or other kinds of clutter, and make sure that you mend the air conditioning, heating units, or flickering lightbulbs.

While it may not seem like it’s important at first, investing in new and ergonomic furniture, updated equipment, plants, and high-quality snacks and coffee will make your staff feel appreciated while affecting their energy in a positive manner.

Provide a quiet room for your employees

Open layouts for offices are sometimes a necessity, but it’s important for your workers’ mental health to have some areas where they can retreat to get some solitude or quiet time or to concentrate on a tricky project. It cuts down on interruptions and stress to improve productivity and mood.

You can even provide nap rooms, something that Google is famous for. 20–30-minute power naps can give an instant boost of energy to workers who have long hours of intense and complicated work.

Add some color

Colors are strongly connected to emotions, so it’s important to use them wisely around your office space and apply them according to the atmosphere that you’re trying to create. Blue and green hues are great for boosting productivity and sharpening focus, while yellow stimulates the brain. Red is great for spaces with physical activity, while neutral shades have a soothing effect on the mind. One of the best ways that you can achieve this is by hanging artwork around the walls to add further visual interest

An office with multiple chairs

Get nature art for healthcare

Did you know that viewing landscape portraits and other art pieces that depict green or blue spaces can bring a calming sensation to viewers? It’s a great way to help your employees destress and feel at peace.

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