Rigorous deadlines, daily stresses, and information overload can put a large strain on your employees, resulting in diminished productivity. A modern workplace no longer aims to be associated with words such as “demanding,” “stressful,” or “always on.” These qualities often lead to companies experiencing low productivity, burnout, and high turnover.

A workplace exemplified by focus, tranquility, and peace is much better for creating creative and communicative workplaces with employees who are motivated to come into work for reasons beyond collecting their next paycheck.

Here’s how you can create a more Zen and productive office space:

Bring in the outdoors

The environment is important in Zen philosophy since greenspaces can do wonders for a person’s mindset. One of the best ways to bring in the outdoors is to create a living wall! Some companies have successfully achieved that by creating live bamboo walls or vertical herb gardens indoors.

While these projects might be more expensive, you can consider getting DIY air plant holders that don’t require much water or soil to grow. It’s easy to make them using inexpensive fish bowls, plastic easter eggs, or other hardware store materials.

Add an office water feature

Water has an important role in Zen philosophy, symbolizing the duality of our minds and energy. The gentle sound or view of trickling water can boost your employees’ brain power and provide them with a beautiful white noise as they work. You can get a mini desk waterfall or a mini fountain in your office lobby to get the positive effects of this wonderful feature.

Provide some calming teas

Some of the most well-renowned companies have understood the power of calming teas and have built an onsite tea and coffee bar. Calming brews such as lavender and chamomile relax your employees’ nerves while giving them a chance to get a break from the monotony of work to get up and make themselves a warm drink.

Spruce up the walls

Bland office walls might sap out your employees’ energy and make them feel trapped in their workspace. Liven the space up using beautiful pieces of art that go with the company’s theme. Whether you want abstract photos, contemporary works, or antique frames depends on the style of the rest of the office.

Looking at art has long been associated with lowered feelings of stress and anxiety.

An office desk with fine art photography on the wall

Get healing photo art services

Taking the time to look at landscape photography or nature art can have a calming effect on the mind and body. Green and blue spaces and the sounds of nature can bring down people’s stress levels.

Are you looking for a place to get nature and landscape photography pieces? Healing With Imagery has got you covered! We provide top-notch nature art for hospitals, hotels, and offices and videos that you can play on screens around the office depicting wildlife, beach, and rivers. These videos are available with sound to have a stronger healing effect on your employees by creating a Zen space. Take a look at some of our latest installations in the USA!

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